What Type of Traveller Are You?

23 December, 2016

drug free motion travel air sea car sickness relief cure What Type of Traveller Are You?
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Take five minutes and find out if you´re a know-it-all or an irremediable sleeper!

1. When do you start packing for your trip?
A. I just shove all my usual clothes in a case 5 minutes before it is time to leave.
B. My checked luggage the night before, carry on about ten minutes before we are due to leave – I can’t go that long without my laptop and phone.
C. A day before, heavy items on bottom and linen on top to distribute the weight properly and reduce creasing.
D. I have checklists and a well-oiled system that is implemented way before we are due to leave to make sure everyone is packed and ready to leave on time with a little extra left for toilet breaks.
E. Whenever I remember to…

2. What is your go to road trip snack?
A. Whatever I find at the service station for the cheapest.
B. I always grab an energy drink – no need for snacks.
C. I make sure we stop at my favourite coffee shop en route. I already know there are at least three on the way.
D. I pack a nut and raisin mix for everyone I’m travelling with, and always have an emergency granola bar in my bag.
E. Whatever is closest to me or what other people bring.

3. What are your ideal travel clothes?
A. Whatever is available to me that morning – nothing special.
B. Something simple but clean. I want to look good but be able to move easily.
C. It depends on where I am going, something that will allow me to assimilate to my environment whilst being travel appropriate.
D. Layers, lots of layers. Always be prepared.
E. Something comfortable – joggers and a hoodie maybe?

4. You have just checked in at the airport – what do you do next?
A. Avoid the people, find somewhere quiet and wait till my flight is called.
B. Go to the electrical store, see if I can get something decent in duty free.
C. Have a look around the bookstore to see if I can find any more travel guides and a paper.
D. Make sure everyone is accounted for, head directly to the gate to get good seats and eat the picnic I pre-packed.
E. Grab a burger and then get comfy at the gate.

5. During a trip, where do you usually keep your passport?
A. I know I brought it, that’s what matters.
B. In my top left pocket of my laptop case with my tablet.
C. I’ve researched in several blogs and they recommend keeping it safe in a fanny pack.
D. Second pocket on the right and I can also tell you where my travel companions’ passports are.
E. Last time I saw it…I think it was in my carry on.