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``For the first time in years I was sick free, unless you suffer with travel sickness you would not believe what a huge difference TravelShades make to the whole holiday. It’s marvellous how it works. Thank you so much!``

Beverley from Great Waltham, UK

``When I arrived after an hour’s car journey, I was perfectly happy to go into the cafe and have a cuppa.....unheard of and such a simple thing that is taken for granted by so many people. TravelShades has really opened up a whole new world for me of being able to say ‘yes please’ instead of ‘no thanks’.``

Liz from Chaldon, UK

``Wearing TravelShades in my fishing boat I have no sign of any sickness! Unbelievable! I really can’t put into words how grateful I am. Now I can take my father fishing on our boat anytime he likes. I class TravelShades as a very important part of my kit. They are simply brilliant, and even that is an understatement!``

Robert from South Shields, UK

``Usually trains make me travel sick but with TravelShades I was able to sit and talk to my husband with no nausea, even with my back to the engine, which I could not believe! Having tried everything from travel bands to pills, TravelShades have been the only thing that has worked for me.``

Karen from Emsworth, UK

``I was very impressed with my TravelShades.``

Pauline from Great Yarmouth

``TravelShades have unbelievable benefits for people like myself who have been plagued by motion sickness since childhood.``

Rosemary from Happisburgh, UK

``I found the TravelShades excellent when travelling by car.``

Fleur from Bantry, Ireland

``I put on the TravelShades and immediately the sickness settled``

Nina from Dudley, UK

``Car travel felt fine with TravelShades, occasionally felt anxious that I’d feel sick but I didn’t!``

Jane from Leigh-on-Sea, UK

``With TravelShades I felt fine, not the least bit ill. My friends were very impressed that I was actually ok and joining in the conversation etc.``

Yvonne from Barnsley, UK

``I usually get car travel sickness but with TravelShades I felt completely fine throughout the journey. I could even turn my head to look at the back seats!``

Michelle from Leicester, UK

``On a boat journey I usually spend most of the time curled up feeling ill. I can honestly say that TravelShades were amazing at least 90% if not a bit more reduction in my symptoms.``

Wendy from Bradford, UK

``TravelShades have been enormously effective at preventing all forms of motion-induced sickness.``

Shari from Kelowna, Canada

``Very helpful when travelling in a boat``

Chloe from Coventry, UK

``I can watch movies without missing any action!``

Daniela from Bedford, UK