TravelShades Motion Sickness Relief Eyewear on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show

30 June, 2018

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TravelShades appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show recently was undoubtedly an eye opener for many people. See it here. Whether it’s seasickness, car sickness or air sickness, most people’s lives have been touched by motion sickness either as a sufferer or by knowing someone who suffers. It is a miserable condition which not only spoils travelling but also dictates travelling arrangements or stalls the idea of a trip completely.


Dr Chris Steele MBE is a UK Family GP with over 35 years of experience in the medical profession. Dr Chris has been This Morning’s resident doctor for over 25 years. As well as other features, Dr Chris hosts the Dr Gadget segment and has brought many interesting items to the public’s attention over the years. When he featured TravelShades he began by talking about the cause of motion sickness and he detailed how a mismatch of signals to the brain from the body’s balance organs and eyes whilst travelling, confuses the brain and sickness results for many people. In fact any mammal with a functioning labyrinthine (part of the inner ear) can suffer motion sickness. Around one third of humans are susceptible while a further third suffer under more extreme motion conditions. Statistics for dogs, cats, gerbils, horses and so on are unclear but they often suffer in silence as do many human sufferers!

Dr Chris spoke about how TravelShades work by occluding vision in one eye with a specially coated lens which allows light in but does not allow detection of movement and that this interrupts the conflicting signals to the brain which cause motion sickness. Dr Chris and his co-presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield all seemed intrigued by the simplicity of this remarkable device which has been tested at the Retail Institute at Leeds Beckett University and shown to benefit 89% of 93 participants in a gruelling coach trial.

Probably with the time restraints of the Dr Gadget segment there was no opportunity to explain that TravelShades incorporate a remarkable innovative design incorporating FlipAbility® which means the they can be turned upside-down to alternate which eye is occluded and for how long. Amazingly amidst the heat of the discussion on the show, Holly put the TravelShades on and then took them off only to quickly put them back on upside down. The intriguing thing is about TravelShades is that there is no wrong way up. They can be worn however the wearer chooses and Holly discovered that in an instant. So contrary to Phil’s speculation that a plaster could do the same job, it became quite clear that TravelShades are a lot more than a patch on a pair of glasses.

They have in fact been designed to look similar to regular sunglasses to give the wearer inconspicuousness along with the security of an instant, drug-free way of relieving travel sickness. The version tried on by Holly and Phil is the Junior Horizon which is suitable for children and petite adults and although predictably they were a little small for Phil, they looked marvellous on Holly.

As Dr Chris pointed out, the Horizon range is designed to fit over prescription glasses if required which is an important facility since poor vision is thought to increase the chance of motion sickness. The Horizon is complimented by the Classic wrap-around model which Dr Chris had on his desk.

Many hopeful sufferers watching would be familiar with the existing range of medicines available to treat travel sickness and how so often these medicines have varying degrees of effectiveness. With a 30-day money back guarantee undoubtedly many will be thinking this new drug-free way has got to be worth a try.

An eye opener indeed Dr Chris, keep them coming!


Tim Flaxman

Explorer, travel blogger and thankful TravelShades user