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25 January, 2017

drug free motion travel sickness relief cure
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Nothing could bring us more joy than receiving reviews about TravelShades with all the details on how they completely transformed a bad moment into a memory filled with happiness and fun.

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A syndrome called ‘Mal de Debarquement’
I sailed from Barcelona on a 10-day cruise, we reached Malta after 48 hours. The stormy journey the previous night had caused me to be sea sick for the very first time in my life. We docked and I disembarked with friends but as soon as I stepped onto dry land I felt unwell again. I was struggling with my balance and swaying about as though I was still on the ship! I also felt nauseous so I had to let my friends go on without me. I was told that I was probably suffering with a condition called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. The cruise was turning into quite an ordeal for me, I realised walking about on the ship that the stripes on the carpet, the doors in lines, even the hand rails sent me off into a dizzy frenzy. This continued to happen for the duration of the cruise.

On returning home, after a few days I was no better. I’m a self employed mobile hairdresser and I have never taken a sick day off work in 20 years but this condition surely beat me. A friend rang to see how I was, he proceeded to tell me about some glasses for motion sickness called TravelShades and he said he could get me some if I wanted to try them, maybe they could help? Truthfully I wasn’t convinced they would help at all but I felt so ill I was prepared to try anything.

I was very sceptical but as soon as the glasses arrived I put them on and although I must say at first wear they felt very strange, within minutes my condition had seemingly gone. I bravely went to the local supermarket but as I wandered up and down the aisles I realised the shelves were moving and swaying! I just needed to get out and quickly, queuing at the till I looked up to the roof and again the lights all in rows were swaying (or so it seemed to me). I asked the cashier to save my basket and I left. I sat in the car with the TravelShades on for 10 mins and sure enough again I was fine! I went back in, paid for my shopping and drove home. I was fine when I was driving, it was only when I stood on my feet it seemed to affect me. After a week or so my symptoms hadn’t subsided, however each time I sat wearing the TravelShades it seemed as though they helped me to re-adjust.

I made an appointment at the doctors, they wanted me to have a balance test and an MRI scan. I wasn’t particularly concerned as I knew I could pinpoint exactly when and how it started. Even my speech was affected, things were coming out of my mouth that even surprised me, it was like I had no control over my words. A bit like when you say ‘Par Cark’ instead of ‘Car Park’ but it was everything I said, even when I tried to correct myself it still came out wrong! It was becoming annoying and somewhat worrying although I tried to see the funny side. I now knew whenever I put on the TravelShades I felt fine so I continued using them sporadically for weeks and weeks.

As soon as I could feel my symptoms returning I popped them on and hey presto after a few minutes I felt fine again. The doctor confirmed I had a very bad case of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and said it could take a year or more to subside properly. Thanks to the TravelShades it’s only been a few months. I believe if I had been wearing TravelShades on the night of the storm I wouldn’t have got Mal de Debarquement Syndrome in the first place.

I have since loaned the glasses out to a few friends who suffer travel sickness and they have worked for them too. Amazing! That’s all I can say.

I just want to say thank you TravelShades and also to my friend for suggesting them. I keep them with me at all times now, just in case.

Diane, South Yorkshire

Your welcome Nina
I approached the inventors of TravelShades directly after hearing them in a Radio Interview and was invited to take part in a trial. Wishing to continue to travel with my ailing husband, I jumped at the chance as cruising seemed the only available option. Despite my predisposition to seasickness, I managed comfortably by using the TravelShades regularly each day. Much like using sun specs, the TravelShades are lightweight, unobtrusive and were quick to relieve my symptoms, enabling me to journey and continue to look after my hubby, whilst enjoying making final memories together. Thank you for our precious time TravelShades, made possible by this wonderful invention.
Nina, West Midlands

To the infinity and beyond
I long ago worked out that my travel sickness was a visual problem. Getting up suddenly or even reading can give me nausea. As a child, long journeys to Italy were punctuated with many “clean up” stops. As an adult I drive, concentration affords me better protection and only a mild nausea may present.
Years ago in Greece, my partner persuaded me a “round the island” boat trip would be a wonderful experience. What we both experienced was me hanging my head over the side for the duration of the trip; our dreams of seeing dolphins forever faded. Each subsequent year we have wistfully walked past the sailing boats in the port wishing it were different.
Then, quite by chance we happened to see the pitch for TravelShades on “Make me a Millionaire Inventor” and I knew I had to try the concept out. With an imminent summer holiday, I contacted TrtavelShades and begged to be a guinea pig.
Well, I didn’t see the dolphins but I did spend 8 hours on a tiny sailing boat and was absolutely fine. The strain on my eyes produced a slight headache initially but that soon wore off as I adapted. I changed the covered eye a couple of times within the first hour but found I had no need to do so from then on.
I can’t wait to try them again; those dolphins are out there somewhere!
Giovanna, Bristol

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