The Story of TravelShades®


1st Eureka moment

Discovery of the concept that covering one eye provides relief from motion sickness and so begins the start of research, testing and development.


Many prototypes and guinea pig trials on family and friends.

2nd Eureka moment

Unique and innovative design incorporating flipabilty means one pair of glasses can cover either eye!

Patent and trademarks filed

Patent and trademarks filed including brand name ‘TravelShades’.

Research and Development

Ongoing research and development to refine and optimise the lens characteristic.

Patent granted

TravelShades patent granted.

Approached by 'Make Me A Millionaire Inventor'

Approached in March by media production company Objective Media Group to take part in Sky TV programme ‘Make Me A Millionaire Inventor’. Filmed over summer.

Field trials

Field trials on TravelShades extended.

TravelShades TV debut

TravelShades featured in TV programme ‘Make Me A Millionaire Inventor’, broadcast worldwide.

Independent trials

Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute reveal 89% of 93 independent trial participants experienced relief from motion sickness using TravelShades.

Expert team assembled

Expert team assembled to bring TravelShades to market.

Source manufacturer

Visit to the world’s largest eyewear trade fair in Milan to source a manufacturer.

Expert approval

Approval by medical experts.

New website & app launched

At the end of 2016 we launched our brand new website and motion sickness susceptibility app.

Indiegogo campaign

Indiegogo Campaign launched to raise money for the manufacture of the Junior TravelShades range.

New online shop launched

In April 2017 we launched our brand new online shop with the full adult TravelShades range available.

First worldwide orders taken

In the very first hour after our new shop launched we started taking worldwide orders for TravelShades.