“I haven’t tried them yet on broomsticks or spacecraft but I have little doubt they would work there too!”

24 January, 2018

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I received a trial pair of TravelShades in June of 2014 (3 years ago). I had been seeking relief from motion sickness, a debilitating condition that I’ve had since childhood. This condition has prevented me from traveling with my family, affected my career choices, resulted in missed opportunities, and essentially become a significantly limiting factor on the freedom to live as I want to.

My job requires a moderate amount of mandatory travel – weekly trips to the city – and the commute includes a flight, train, and sometimes a taxi. During the flight, I was unable to use my laptop or read due to motion sickness. On the train, I was unable to converse with my colleagues and instead had to face forward and stare out the front window for the duration of the journey. In a taxi, I had to make apologies to friends and request that I be the one to sit in the front seat. Despite taking these precautions, I spent much of this travel time feeling incredibly nauseous.

Having tried every solution that I could including non-pharmacological items such as pressure point wristbands, I was very sceptical that TravelShades would actually have a positive effect. I was stunned – absolutely stunned – when they completely eliminated my symptoms. For a condition I’ve spent a lifetime suffering from, this seemed like nothing short of a miracle.

I now take the TravelShades with me on all personal and business travel. They’ve worked effectively on all modes of transportation (cars, trains, buses, ferries, speedboats, jets, and propellor planes). I haven’t tried them yet on broomsticks or spacecraft but I have little doubt they would work there too! I do experience some mild eyestrain but this is alleviated when I switch the covered eye to the opposite side. Reading remains slightly uncomfortable, but I find that I’m able to remove them for short periods of time to read or type, and then put them back on when the symptoms begin to return.

Having the TravelShades has meant that I’ve said yes to things I would previously have had to decline: a boat ride to swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii at night; international flights for work; sunset boat tours; and I can even let my husband do some of the driving so I can relax on long car trips.

During my trial, I’ve kept in touch with the TravelShades team. Denise and Tim have been so helpful and responsive when I have questions or comments. I believe Tim’s sole motivation for bringing TravelShades to market is to help others in the way he’s been helped. I’m looking forward to sharing the website link with friends across Canada so that many others can receive benefit from this incredibly simple but effective product.

Thank you. It’s made a really big difference to me.

Shari McKeown
Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this company and have received no compensation for this review or participation in the trial. I received a complimentary trial version of TravelShades at the start of my trial, and may receive one other of the final product after its launch.