Island Life

05 December, 2018

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Living on an island poses a bit of a problem for someone with a predisposition to travel sickness. Call it what you want… motion sickness, car sickness, air sickness or seasickness, they all amount to the same thing if you live on an island…. you dread leaving it! Those who suffer from travel sickness will know just how awful it makes you feel and the liability you become to your travelling companions. Being curled up in the foetal position smelling of vomit, praying for the world to stop spinning while your companions look down offering sympathy mixed with impatience for your wooziness, is not an experience you wish to repeat.

Of course we all live on islands of sorts and my home country of the United Kingdom is no exception.

On the ferry leaving behind the White Cliffs of Dover

As lovely as the UK is, it is an island which for most of my life I had never left. Travelling to an annual week in Majorca is not something I ever exposed myself or my family to. I resigned myself (and my family) to never leaving the UK having tried the various remedies, aids and medications available which had all been with side effects or to no effect.

Luckily for me, TravelShades have changed all that and thankfully travel sickness is no longer a problem! TravelShades are proven to provide relief from travel sickness for 9 out of 10 people. No longer am I hobbled by motion sickness of any sort and have already had a look around a few marvellous locations across Europe. I’ve flown across the pond to New York, travelled the subway there and used the famous Yellow Cabs, something I could have only imagined doing just a few years ago.

So now with my TravelShades in my pocket always at the ready, travel possibilities are endless…the world is indeed my oyster!

Tim FlaxmanFormer motion sickness sufferer, blogger and traveller