How TravelShades® work

Relieve Air, Sea, and Car Sickness with TravelShades

When you’re travelling, motion sickness can happen when the brain receives conflicting messages from the body’s balance receptors: the inner ears (vestibular system), the eyes (visual system), and the muscles down the back all the way to the feet (proprioceptive system).

When you’re travelling in a car, a plane or a boat, your inner ear and muscles signal that you’re moving, but your eyes say that you’re not – because your body is motionless in relation to its immediate environment, such as your seat, the floor, or the seat in front. Your brain then gets confused and you feel sick.

TravelShades limit these conflicting messages using a special lens which blocks the ability of one eye to track movement, meaning your brain is less confused. The special lens also allows light to pass through so the occluded, covered eye may still see an image and can relay this message to the brain but with no indication of movement. The brain receives fewer conflicting messages and you feel better.

Simple but it works!