How to get the best from your TravelShades®

Travel with the Security of TravelShades

The experience of TravelShades users tells us that there are many ways to get the best from your TravelShades. They have been designed so that you can choose what works best for you.

  • TravelShades can be worn throughout your journey or simply when you need relief. It’s up to you!
  • All TravelShades models can provide relief in all types of lighting conditions although it is best to choose a model suited to your particular travelling environment. The High Light options are suitable for normal to sunny conditions; the Lo-Light options are for low light conditions such as when travelling at night.
  • Research has shown that the occurrence of motion sickness is more likely if your vision is not so good. We have designed the TravelShades Horizon range especially for those people who normally wear prescription glasses because the greatest benefit is achieved by wearing both. Horizon models can still be happily used on their own.
  • The experience of existing users tells us that it can help to get used to wearing TravelShades in a seated non-travelling environment, such as at home watching the TV. Doing this for a few minutes over a few days can help you to adapt to the experience of wearing your TravelShades and get the best from them.
  • TravelShades have specially designed FlipAbility by incorporating a unique horizontal line of symmetry. This allows you to flip your TravelShades to cover either eye whenever you like for maximum comfort. Some users change the covered eye every few minutes and some are happy with longer periods. It is recommended that eye coverage is alternated to allay the possibility of eyestrain or headache.
  • Only clean your TravelShades with the cloth provided to keep them in tip-top condition