Holiday Habits

26 February, 2018

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It’s that time of the year again where the cold and murky weather drives our thoughts to summertime and holidays. The world is of course packed with a marvellous multitude of places that even ten lifetimes wouldn’t be enough time to tick them all off.

So what is it that leads us to go back to the same places often year after year? “Familiarity breeds contempt” supposedly, but all too often we find contentment in a sure thing. Why risk our hard earnt cash and use up those treasured holiday days on the gamble of a brand new destination which could fall well short of the brochures’ tempting pictures? A survey by reveals 57% of us Brits travel to the same places as previous years and that’s 29 million of us. Clearly, many of us like what we find and stick with it.

But while old habits die hard, new ones are burgeoning. A survey by home insurance company Schofields Insurance asked more than 1,000 UK ‘millenials’ (adults aged between 18 and 33) – what was most important when choosing a holiday destination? Perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘how Instagrammable the holiday would be’ came out on top.


Personally, New York is firmly in my favourite places folder. A short break to the Big Apple across the pond a few years ago ably served to wet the appetite. So much more to see and the places enjoyed are well worth revisiting. Followed next time maybe by a coast to coast road trip…

All of which of course made possible by TravelShades motion sickness relief eyewear.

Route 66 here I come…

Happy travels!

Tim Flaxman