Learn More About TravelShades

Q. Will TravelShades® work for me?

TravelShades provide relief for around 9 out of 10 travel sickness sufferers so there is a pretty good chance they will work for you.

Q. With one eye covered won’t they be uncomfortable to wear?

Wearing TravelShades can be a little disorientating at first but most people agree that it is well worth it to be able to travel with limited or no motion sickness.

It is a good idea to become accustomed to your new TravelShades in a non-travelling environment initially. All the information you need is in the instruction leaflet included with your TravelShades.

Q. Will they stop motion sickness completely?

It depends on several factors including the mode of transport, the severity of the motion and the susceptibility of the individual. Visit Do TravelShades Work? to find out more.

Q. What if I travel at night? Won’t TravelShades make it hard to see?

The TravelShades LowLight range is specifically designed for night-time travellers or those travelling in low light conditions. Have a look around the shop to see our full range of options.

Q. Will I be able to walk around normally?

While wearing TravelShades your ability to judge distance is reduced. For this reason it is recommended that while wearing them you remain seated and you should not walk, run, drive or operate machinery. It is also recommended that you do not consume hot drinks or hot food while wearing your TravelShades.

Q. Should I wear my prescription glasses with TravelShades?

Research has shown that motion sickness is more likely if your vision is not so good. We have designed the TravelShades Horizon range especially for those people who normally wear prescription glasses because the greatest benefit is achieved by wearing both.

Horizon models can still be happily used on their own.

Q Should I remove the white printed film that is blocking out one of the lenses?

The film is a specially designed element of the glasses and as such should NOT be removed. What makes TravelShades work is blocking out just the right amount of light going through one lens whilst stopping that eye seeing any movement.

Q. Would I get the same effect by wearing an eye patch?

Our research and testing indicates that just blacking out one eye does not bring the most benefit and may increase the sense of disorientation unnecessarily; which is why TravelShades allow light in but no sense of moving images. Anyway, why would you choose to look like Long John Silver and the pirates of old?

Q. Is it OK for my toddler to use TravelShades?

Our consultant ophthalmologist states:

Children over the age of 9 may use travel shades in the same manner as adults. This applies even if there is a known eye condition – no medical advice is required.

Under 9 years of age it is important that an optometrist’s eye test is conducted before use of the product to ensure that there is no amblyopia or other eye condition.

For children under 9 without amblyopia (including those with simple prescription glasses) the use of travel shades is allowed but the covered eye should be alternated frequently (every 2 hours during a journey would seem entirely safe).

For children under 9 with amblyopia or any other medical condition known to affect sight, parents should seek medical advice from an ophthalmologist before using TravelShades. Use of the product may still be allowed and it is likely that the better seeing eye should be occluded during travel.

Q. Can bigger children wear adult-size TravelShades?

Yes. The cautions for children only apply to children under 9 years of age.

Q. How can I share my experiences – before and/or after using TravelShades?

We would love you to tell us your experiences, and how your life has changed. You can subscribe to our Newsletter below, click here to contact us or follow us on your favourite social media – whatever works for you.

Q. What do I do if I want to return my TravelShades?

Our guarantee and information on returning TravelShades products can be found on our Returns and Refunds page.