Do TravelShades® Work?

Alternative Travel Sickness Treatment Endorsed by Medical Experts

TravelShades have been proven to work over several years. We have perfected them by testing in many travel situations such as in cars, taxis, ambulances, buses, coaches, trains, tubes, ships, ferries, fishing boats and aeroplanes. Now an independent trial conducted by Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute in 2015 has proven the effectiveness of TravelShades in relieving motion sickness during a highly challenging journey.

The trial involved 93 participants taking two similar coach journeys, two weeks apart, one using no form of travel sickness prevention, the second using only TravelShades. These participants were selected due to their moderate to severe susceptibility to motion sickness.

The remarkable results speak for themselves :

89% recorded a lower average sickness score in journey 2 (wearing TravelShades) than in journey 1 (without Travelshades).*

87% of participants felt that TravelShades were effective in relieving most or some of their symptoms.*

18.2% recorded no sickness at all using TravelShades*

Over two thirds of participants felt more able to move about and think about things other than being sick during the second journey.*

Even for the participants who experienced some motion sickness symptoms, the recovery time once the journey had finished was substantially reduced when using TravelShades*

*Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute Consumer Research Report November 2015