Confidence to plan or “Quick; can I have that bag?”

19 December, 2016

drug free motion travel air sea car sickness relief cure Confidence to plan or "Quick; can I have that bag?"
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The thing with travel sickness is that the thought of it puts you off travelling anywhere. If you actually book a trip somewhere then the excitement is completely rained on by the fear of being engulfed by travel sickness. Furthermore, you’re hoping that your travelling friends and fellow passengers can handle you turning green, fumbling for a sick bag and that everyone around you are ok with the smell and colour of what you ate earlier. Then when you get to the end of the journey you need to find an alleyway, crack in the pavement or anywhere to curl up and lay still while the nausea, sweating, upset stomach and headache slowly dissipate. Doesn’t sound like great fun does it?

Well that’s what it used to be like for me……life before TravelShades!

Last year I booked up a trip to New York and thoroughly looked forward to it in the knowledge that my TravelShades wouldn’t let me down….and they didn’t!

Two six hour flights and every day on the subway. Brilliant. What a fantastic place. Got to go there again.

Times Square was a blast!