The TravelShades® Range

Caroline Denny

Worked brilliantly for me on 3hr ferry trip to France. I definitely suggest giving them a go if you suffer...

John Child

Travelshades helped me enormously during a day-sail aboard the Cornish Lugger 'Grayhound' in the choppy English Channel. I was able to work as part of the crew without my TravelShades until I felt very seasick when we were moving slowly and the vessel was rocking badly. I was able to sit quietly on deck for a while and wear my Travelshades until the nausea passed. When we were at speed again I was able to remove the TravelShades and return to duty as an active deck-hand. Without Travelshades, I'm sure the second half of the journey would have been most unpleasant, probably with my head over the side! I'm so glad I took a pair of Travelshades with me.

Gary Kirk

Great on land, sea and air - does exactly what it should! Great product!