Celebs who get travel sick

20 December, 2016

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Posted at 12:51h in Travel Advice

So who knew that the word nausea comes from the ancient Greek word “naus” meaning ship? Ten points if you did! Sea faring people, the ancient Greeks spent much time travelling by ship and developed the word “nausia” to describe the feelings of sickness and vomiting brought on by travelling by boat.

So right from the get go, nausea has had direct a link to seasickness.

Nausea as we now use the word can be used to describe feeling sick on many means of transport, but also just feeling poorly when you’ve caught a bug. The ancient Greeks must have had stronger stomachs than us 21st century mortals, as they only needed the one word to describe travelling on ships!

You’d be surprised at how many people suffer from motion sickness, including some famous names. So, who’s up for a true / false quiz? Guess which of these celebs had motion sickness.

1) Julius Caesar’s horses
2) Columbus
3) Charles Dickens
4) Charles Darwin
5) Frankie Bridge (from The Saturdays)
6) Lawrence of Arabia
7) Gareth Bridge
8) Kim Kardashian
9) One more question, just to prove your sickness levels! Hippocrates famously wrote: “travelling on the sea proves that motion disorders the body.”