A seasickness sufferer’s journey across the Atlantic.

03 May, 2018

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One journey across the Atlantic.

One life long seasickness sufferer.

One solution that made the crossing possible.



Why would anyone in their right mind choose to sail across the Atlantic if they suffered from seasickness? In this story of two intrepid sailors, you are about to find out!


Peter Stephens got the sailing bug rather late in life! It all started when he received a gift of a weekend on an old Bristol Cutter fourteen years ago. Peter’s interest was sparked and after several sailing courses, he and his wife found themselves in charge of a 32 foot boat sailing around the Greek islands! By now, both Peter and Sue were dedicated to their new hobby.

Seven years ago, the adventurous couple started thinking about retirement and not content to take things easy, they bought their own boat with a view to sailing across the Atlantic! The next few years were spent working on the boat, modernising it and making it comfortable. After a few delays and much planning, Peter and Sue finally set sail from Torquay, heading for the Canary Islands.

Now to the sea sickness! In Peter’s case, it manifested itself only after he had been sailing for a few years. However, Peter thinks that this may be because he had never sailed on heavy seas. On this occasion, he was on a training course sailing across the Channel, and managed to contain his symptoms by taking the helm for the whole trip. He arrived in France exhausted and dreading the return journey. Obviously, this would not be practical on the Atlantic trip with only the two of them to sail the boat.

Peter and Sue decided that if his seasickness was too bad when sailing the Atlantic, they would not venture further afield and stop in the Caribbean. As their planned trip-of-a-lifetime approached, Sue began to dread it, imagining Peter debilitated by sickness and having to take over herself, not getting enough essential rest for the arduous journey.

As a last resort, Peter once again decided to research remedies for seasickness. He had already tried various products, including tablets and wristbands but found nothing that would ease his suffering. It was then that he came across TravelShades. He immediately ordered a pair, with no great expectations.

As they set sail from the Canary Islands, Peter and Sue were understandably anxious, wondering if at any moment, Peter would become seasick and have to leave control of the boat to Sue. He wore his TravelShades all day, flipping them every three or four hours so as to alternate the covered eye. He hardly dared to believe that he had found a remedy for his seasickness but he felt fine. Gradually, he reduced the time that he wore the TravelShades, until after five days, his symptoms had disappeared.

Peter is absolutely delighted; he is already passing on the good news: ‘I have recommended TravelShades to other sailors and would sincerely recommend them to anyone who suffers from travel sickness’. Sue is even more delighted that she no longer has to worry about Peter being out of action when they are sailing. Based on the reassurance that Peter’s TravelShades have given them, Peter and Sue now plan to sail through the Panama Canal, en route to Australia and Indonesia. As long as they have a pair of TravelShades to hand, they know can continue to enjoy their adventures on the high seas!