What people who’ve used TravelShades say

drug free motion travel sickness relief cure

Innovative Patented Eyewear

Our specially designed translucent lens allows the eye to sense light but not movement, which is proven to significantly reduce motion sickness.

drug free motion travel sickness relief cure

A world first. Instant and drug free

Independently tested.
Approved by medical experts.

drug free motion travel sickness relief cure

35 day money back guarantee

We’re so confident in TravelShades that we offer a 35 day money back guarantee.

drug free motion travel sickness relief cure

Integrally designed FlipAbility®

Our innovative design allows you to alternate which eye our patented lens covers.

What do our customers think about TravelShades®?

``So far so good these have worked brilliantly. I've been able to fly and look out of the windows .normally I feel terribly sick but no problems. Yet to try them sailing but I will. I put them on 5 mins before take off and landing. Revelation! Love them and they look great.``


``First time I've traveled on a long haul flight without feeling sick , brilliant glasses and would advise everyone who suffers with travel sickness to try these travel shades``


``Travelshades helped me enormously during a day-sail aboard the Cornish Lugger 'Greyhound' in the choppy English Channel. I was able to work as part of the crew without my TravelShades until I felt very seasick when we were moving slowly and the vessel was rocking badly. I was able to sit quietly on deck for a while and wear my Travelshades until the nausea passed. When we were at speed again I was able to remove the TravelShades and return to duty as an active deck-hand. Without Travelshades, I'm sure the second half of the journey would have been most unpleasant, probably with my head over the side! I'm so glad I took a pair of Travelshades with me.``


``Great stylist shades..was a little skeptical before i bought mine but i have to say they are fantastic. I've tried all sorts of travel sickness remedies with not much success but these really do work. would recommend you buy you won't be disappointed.``


``Great on land, sea and air - does exactly what it should! Great product!``


``Just want to say a Big Thank You. Its so simple to use: Just put on the Shades and enjoy the trip...no more motion sickness.``


What are TravelShades®?

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TravelShades® offer instant, drug-free relief from motion sickness.

If you’re looking for an alternative remedy for travel sickness, TravelShades offer instant and drug-free relief from the adverse effects of travelling by air, car, train and sea.

TravelShades work using the concept of SMO – Specific Monocular Occlusion – TravelShades incorporate one specially designed translucent lens to allow the eye to sense light but not movement which simplifies the visual signals to the brain in a unique way and is proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

The innovative design incorporates FlipAbility which allows the wearer to flip the TravelShades upside down to alternate which eye is occluded with the special lens. Simple, but it works! Independent consumer product testing by Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute revealed 89% of motion sickness sufferers found that TravelShades helped relieve their symptoms.

Just some of the benefits of TravelShades include:

• Instant relief
• Drug-free treatment
• Ease of Use
• No drowsiness

If you wear prescription specs, don’t worry – we have styles to fit over prescription specs to ensure you travel in comfort.

TravelShades help to get you where you want to be…..and arrive with a smile!

Keep your TravelShades with you…. Just pop them on whenever you need them.

See the world with TravelShades® !

What makes TravelShades® different to other remedies available?

``I believe that TravelShades represent a very exciting development in the treatment of motion sickness. Unlike drugs, which may cause sedation and other side effects, TravelShades are not associated with such problems. Whilst the exact mechanism of their action has not been precisely defined, they work empirically in a large percentage of sufferers and I believe that they harmlessly and reversibly damp down complex reflexes and pathways known to be involved in this disabling condition.``

Professor Paul Marks, Consultant Neurosurgeon, BA, LLM, MD, FRCS, FFFLM

Are TravelShades®safe?

``I am satisfied that, if used correctly in accordance with instructions, TravelShades are entirely safe for use by adults and children.``

Mr JNP Kirkpatrick, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon. MD FRCOphth

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drug free motion travel sickness relief cure
drug free motion travel sickness relief cure
drug free motion travel sickness relief cure
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drug free motion travel sickness relief cure