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TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief

Innovative Patented Eyewear

Our specially designed translucent lens allows the eye to sense light but not movement, which is proven to significantly reduce motion sickness.

TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief

A world first. Instant and drug free

Independently tested.
Approved by medical experts.

TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief

30 day money back guarantee

We’re so confident in TravelShades that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief

Integrally designed FlipAbility

Our innovative design allows you to alternate which eye our patented lens covers.

What are TravelShades®?

TravelShades® offer instant, drug-free relief from motion sickness.

TravelShades effectively combat motion sickness caused by travelling in cars, trains, planes and on the water. TravelShades are also effective for virtual motion sickness often experienced during video game play and watching TV and movies.

TravelShades look similar to sunglasses, but on the inside our remarkable discovery works to alleviate your motion sickness.

If you wear prescription specs, don’t worry – we have styles to fit over prescription specs to ensure you travel in comfort.

TravelShades help to get you where you want to be…..and arrive with a smile!

Keep your TravelShades with you…. Just pop them on whenever you need them.

See the world with TravelShades® !

Have you ever wondered how susceptible to motion sickness you actually are?

Good news! We have developed a new app that will give you your very own score.

The TravelShades® Range

TravelShades® Original Classic

TravelShades Classic offer you wrap-around styling.

TravelShades® Horizon

TravelShades Horizon are specifically designed to fit over prescription glasses, but can be worn without.


Robust frame made using high quality materials. Tough polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective finish.

Lens options

Options available for normal light, and low light conditions, such as travelling at night, as well as polarized lenses for glare reduction.


Wrap-around arms for maximum comfort.


TravelShades come with a hard or soft case.

What the experts say about TravelShades®

``I believe that TravelShades represent a very exciting development in the treatment of motion sickness. Unlike drugs, which may cause sedation and other side effects, TravelShades are not associated with such problems. Whilst the exact mechanism of their action has not been precisely defined, they work empirically in a large percentage of sufferers and I believe that they harmlessly and reversibly damp down complex reflexes and pathways known to be involved in this disabling condition.``

Professor Paul Marks, Consultant Neurosurgeon, BA, LLM, MD, FRCS, FFFLM

``I am satisfied that, if used correctly in accordance with instructions, TravelShades are entirely safe for use by adults and children.``

Mr JNP Kirkpatrick, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon. MD FRCOphth

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TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief
TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief
TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief
TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief
TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief
TravelShades Motion Travel Sickness relief