TravelShades® Horizon

Designed to fit over prescription glasses, but may be worn on their own.

TravelShades® Horizon LowLight

LowLight mirror non-polarised lens with matt black frame

 Light mirror lens with an ultra light tint suitable for dimly lit conditions such as travelling at night

TravelShades® Junior Horizon

Designed to fit children and petite adults.

Matt Black model has non-polarised lens.

Matt Blue model has polarised lens.

Can fit over prescription glasses but may be worn on their own.

A child’s vision is only considered fully developed by age 9 years so there are ‘Special precautions for children’ contained in the instruction leaflet supplied with the TravelShades and which can also be seen  HERE

What do our customers think about TravelShades®?

``So far so good these have worked brilliantly. I've been able to fly and look out of the windows .normally I feel terribly sick but no problems. Yet to try them sailing but I will. I put them on 5 mins before take off and landing. Revelation! Love them and they look great.``


``First time I've traveled on a long haul flight without feeling sick , brilliant glasses and would advise everyone who suffers with travel sickness to try these travel shades``


``Travelshades helped me enormously during a day-sail aboard the Cornish Lugger 'Greyhound' in the choppy English Channel. I was able to work as part of the crew without my TravelShades until I felt very seasick when we were moving slowly and the vessel was rocking badly. I was able to sit quietly on deck for a while and wear my Travelshades until the nausea passed. When we were at speed again I was able to remove the TravelShades and return to duty as an active deck-hand. Without Travelshades, I'm sure the second half of the journey would have been most unpleasant, probably with my head over the side! I'm so glad I took a pair of Travelshades with me.``


``Great stylist shades..was a little skeptical before i bought mine but i have to say they are fantastic. I've tried all sorts of travel sickness remedies with not much success but these really do work. would recommend you buy you won't be disappointed.``


``Great on land, sea and air - does exactly what it should! Great product!``


``Just want to say a Big Thank You. Its so simple to use: Just put on the Shades and enjoy the more motion sickness.``